WordPress website? Or a Custom-made website?

Are you planning to build a website for your business?

Then, your website developer might have asked you to choose between a WordPress or a Custom-made website to figure out a quote for you

The quoted price is mainly determined by the kind of website you want

Sure, they will explain you the difference, but do you know which choice is better for your business?

To assess if the price you are paying for the website is reasonable or not, you need to understand what these websites have to offer

Let’s start with the basics;

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a free website tool which was originally designed to create blogs.

If you are not a professional in coding and programming languages, then WordPress is the right platform for you to design your website (if you are the one designing it).

It’s easy, secure, saves time, and has a library of ready-made responsive themes suitable for all devices. Just choose a theme that suits your brand image and you are all set to go


If you design it yourself, there are certain considerations you need to figure out first

Once the website is developed, customising theme as per your preference could be difficult and you might need a web developer for this job.

WordPress rolls out frequent updates which can be downloaded to make the website secure. However, installing updates might need external help

As the website is not coded by a professional, it is also vulnerable to hackers and requires regular maintenance

Nonetheless, search engine ranking on the WordPress website can be taken care of; with the available SEO plugins and built-in blogging feature

Here’s a quick summary;

Pros Cons
Easy to build Difficulty in customising theme as per the preferences
Saves time Vulnerable to hackers
Library of Ready-made responsive themes Needs Regular maintenance
Secure Platform Installing updates might need expertise
SEO Plugins  
Built-in blogging feature  

Custom-made Website

Custom built websites are good if you want to create a website with a certain set of requirements.

For example, if you want to develop a large complex site with unique functionalities then such website would use a programming language framework such as PHP, Python, JavaScript and Ruby

If you are looking to endorse a unique website or a functionality,

Or want to gain more leads and increase online conversions,

then custom-made website can be your go to option as chances of ranking higher in search engine are present due to its uniqueness

A custom-built website is scalable and flexible to complement your business needs and is more secure as it is built by a professional web designer

Hence, custom-made websites are more expensive and require more time to build.

Here’s a quick summary,

Custom-made Website
Pros Cons
Search Engine friendly Expensive
Can attain higher search ranking Requires professional expertise
Unique design Time consuming
Can be redesigned easily Needs to be built from scratch
No bugs & security problems