Imagine not having a day’s long meeting and a huge to do list of sending out emails to score leads, keeping up with the client enquiries, posting blogs, analysing client data for campaigns and the list goes on…

Well we love this thought and that’s why we adopted marketing automation

The post that you are reading now,

We didn’t have to worry about, if the right person is reading this, nor we have to worry if this post has been scheduled on the blog

How do we do that?

Let’s walk you through the basics of marketing automation

Marketing automation is a software in place of a person who prioritises & executes marketing tasks in a more streamlined way

This brings in efficiency and frees up your time, just so that you can channelise it on more important tasks for your business

When you rely on email marketing to generate leads, you are most likely to end up in the spam folder

Potential clients are blasted with email after email, in the hope that it will drive in business


It’s a Hard Sell

With Marketing automation software in place, emails are personalised and sent only to the target market that showed interest

Now that was just one example on how marketing automation helps you work efficiently

There are many automation tools available online


Here’s our Top five picks for automating your business

It enables you to send personalised messages based on how your target market interacts with your mobile app or website

It suggests trigger actions and you can observe the target market’s behaviour in real time

The cost is based on the size of your email list and total email credits

For a free trial and pricing option visit 


HubSpot is an inbound- marketing tool offering a full stack of products for marketing, sales and CRM

It’s perfect for Content Marketing

Other features include Salesforce integration, smart content, attribution reporting, user roles, A/B testing for CTA’s and A/B testing for emails

For a detailed pricing chart click here


AdRoll is helpful for retargeting customers through re-engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and the web

You can customise experiences and dramatically improve marketing efficiency through cross-device and cross-platform targeting capabilities

It offers a free 2-week trial for your ease


Thousands of data-driven marketers trust Bizible including us

Bizible integrates the sales and marketing function for your business

Its best features include Keyword-level metrics for Adwords as well as metrics for campaigns and ad content


Genoo helps you boost your marketing plans

It helps you capture lead forms, profile customers, and create new landing pages to drive results fast

Key features include a centralised lead database with unlimited leads, landing page design, CMS, lead activity tracking, SEO analysis and more

Click here to understand their pricing plans

If you need more information on different tools check out our favourite article on Marketing Automation Tools you Need to Use


It all comes down to your decision on whether to invest in Marketing Automation


Our recommendation is to check if these five boxes tick for you

  • You are generating a steady flow of new and qualified leads
  • You have a content strategy mapped to your buyer’s journey
  • You have agreed on the key messages to be sent across the marketing and sales function
  • You are tracking your leads’ behaviour across every touch point
  • You have a planned-out strategy to nurture leads

If these boxes tick for you, that means marketing automation could work for your business.

Keep in mind that marketing automation is a good tool which can be adopted when you plan to scale up your business.

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