Background information 

Before we answer the above question, let’s see the different kinds of website models that are currently available.  

  1. Information website 
  2. Leads Generation website 
  3. eCommerce website

Information Website (Brochure website)

Information website does not generate any direct revenue to your business, but it may or may not help your customers find your business online. These websites are used to create an online presence for your business and explain to the customers about the services you offer. 

It conveys the credibility of your business to the customers and helps the customers with contact information and business timings. An information website is a cost-effective way to drive sales through the existing channels of the business (indirect revenue). 

An information website can also help a small business owner to ‘test the waters’ about the online performance of the website. A typical information website would have the below site structure. 

  • Home page
  • Contact us 
  • About us
  • Our Services 
  • Location 

Lead Generation Website

Leads Generation websites are top-rated among BAM’s customers, the most important aspect of a lead generation website to scale your business to the next level. The business revenue has rocketed in some of these websites BAM has created very recently. 

We build Lead Generation websites with maximum efficiency applying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Each of the website elements and content is designed along with the SEO experts. Once the website is developed, the webmasters and analytics are linked, so that Google Search engines can easily find your website. In the long term, this increases your website traffic 10x when compared to a website that isn’t built on the SEO principles and Google best practices.

Lead generation website follows the Marketing funnel principle, as shown in the figure, starting with creating awareness about the product to make the customers advocates of your business. Multiple call-to-action (CTAs) buttons are dispersed around the site to get leads from potential customers. 

Lastly, while building the Lead generation website, the target audience of your business is taken into account, so that their pain points can be used as the potential CTAs throughout the site.

Marketing Funnel

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites are for businesses who would like to sell their products online. The success of these websites largely depends on the easy usability of the website. Even if there is a slight difficulty in the navigation of the website, the bounce rate of the website increases, which in turn decreases the traffic and overall revenue. 

The advantages of having an eCommerce website over an actual physical store are a huge number of audience, 24×7 availability and low running cost etc. There are a lot of platforms which can be utilised for developing an eCommerce website. 

  • WooCommerce & WordPress
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Wix

Difference between $500 or $5000?


$500 website uses the generic colour, font and graphic layout that comes with the template that means, any website that uses the same template will be very similar. 

But in the case of the $5000 website, every single brand element is customised according to the company’s unique brand.

Quality of code

The code in the $5000 website will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure it follows w3 standards and high-level malware protection while a $500 website uses an existing template with low standard coding. Also, any changes/ revisions in a $500 website would be difficult because of the usage of a pre-made template and lack of knowledge of the developer and designer. A $5000 website typically will utilise a high level of custom coding to build the fully customizable website. PHP, Java,.NET,Python etc..


The Quality Assurance (QA) team plays a significant role in the successful launch of any website. Most of the $500 websites won’t have a QA team which means chances of a bug going into the live website is very high. 

On a $5000 website, the QA team does additional testing such as Mobile device compatibility, Browser Compatibility, Speed and security testing apart from complete functional testing.   


Finally, the amount of effort put in a $5000 website will be very high to make the website convert and to generate sales, but a $500 website will be made only for aesthetic purposes. Also, every slight detail in a website is analysed and improved (both in desktop and mobile platforms) to enhance the user experience.